Inquests & Inquiries

6KBW College Hill is recognised as a leading set for inquests and public inquiries. Our members have a long-standing reputation in this field and have represented a wide range of clients that include professional individuals, families, local authorities, companies, and government departments.

Chambers is able to offer a range of barristers, from juniors to KCs, who are experts in this field.

We have been involved in the most serious, complex, and nationally and internationally reported cases including:

  • Jean-Charles de Menezes
  • Mark Saunders
  • Potters Bar derailment
  • Mark Duggan
  • Anne-Marrie Element
  • Ellison Review
  • Deepbut Barracks
  • Brecon Inquest
  • Alexander Perepilichnyy Inquest
  • 7/7 London Bombings
  • London Bridge
  • Manchester Arena Inquiry
  • Litvinenko Inquest and Inquiry
  • Grenfell Inquiry
  • Tunisia Inquest
  • Al-Sweady Inquiry
  • Undercover Police Inquiry
  • Westminster Bridge
  • Infected Blood Inquiry
  • Dawn Sturgess Inquiry

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