6KBW College Hill’s expertise in dealing with the most complex homicide cases is unrivalled. For over forty years, our members have appeared in the highest profile and gravest cases of homicide, both in the United Kingdom and further afield. We are the pre-eminent set of chambers in this field.

We have outstanding practitioners who appear to defend those accused of the most serious of crimes.

Our track record of producing exceptional advocates who become Treasury Counsel is also unparalleled. Appointed by HM Attorney General, Treasury Counsel are instructed in the most serious and complex cases. They advise the Attorney General in respect of the most complex criminal matters and are instructed to appear in the most serious cases around the country – often in connection with matters concerned with national security and the public interest. Regarded by the Crown Prosecution Service as “a scarce and valuable resource”, our Treasury Counsel are much in demand. Their expertise and experience is unrivalled and held in respect by the judiciary and other professionals alike. Those who have formerly been Treasury Counsel include many of the most illustrious members of the profession who have gone on to stellar careers as leaders of the Bar.

In our ranks we consistently have Senior Treasury Counsel, Junior Treasury Counsel and advocates currently being considered for appointment to the role by HM Attorney General. Many of our senior Silks are also former Treasury Counsel, providing a rare depth of experience in the most sensitive and serious criminal litigation.

Our wealth of experience both defending and prosecuting the most sensitive and complex homicide cases means that our advocates approach every matter with sensitivity and skill. At all times, our emphasis is on dignity and respect for all those affected by these proceedings.

Our expertise in the field of homicide results in our barristers being instructed in most of the highest profile cases which are tried in the criminal courts. A few examples include:

  • Rose West (Serial killer wife of Fred West, who was convicted of murdering at least 9 young women between 1973 and 1987)
  • Dobson & Norris (Convicted murders of Stephen Lawrence)
  • Levi Bellfield (Serial killer and sex offender)
  • Rickie Preddy (Convicted of the manslaughter of Damiola Taylor)
  • Callum Wheeler (Currently on trial for the murder of PCSO Julia James)
  • Damien Bendall (Awaiting trial for the murder of his partner, their two children and another child)
  • Maher Maaroufe (Awaiting trial for the murder of his student girlfriend  in her Halls of Residence)
  • Koci Selamaj (Murder of school teacher Sabina Nessa)