Road traffic offences

6KBW College Hill is renowned for providing high quality advice and advocacy across the whole range of road traffic offences. Members of chambers have been instructed in some of the most serious and high-profile driving cases around the country.

Regulatory road traffic law is complex and detailed. Driving cases also raise important factual issues, often requiring expert scientific evidence to be called or challenged. Our members have a detailed understanding of the law, and of the technical and factual defences or mitigation available to those accused of driving offences.

Attending court, whether the Crown or magistrates’ court, can be a daunting experience for anyone. We well understand the repercussions of being charged with a driving offence, and the impact that losing a driving license can have. We will provide clear advice and exceptional representation at court.

We can offer experienced counsel of all levels of call to advise and represent you, whatever driving offence you face. Members of chambers can act for you either with the benefit of a solicitor or on a direct access basis.

Our Road traffic offences Barristers